Mapping Community Forest Resource Potential and Progress
in CFR Recognition in Central India


This webGIS portal is based on a study on CFR potential estimation and mapping done in 2020. The study report provides details of the methodology, its application, findings and challenges involved.

In brief, the study indicates that the estimated minimum CFR rights potential in Chhattisgarh is 53,843 km2 in 11,445 villages, and in Madhya Pradesh it is 57,948 km2 in 19,158 villages. In Jharkhand, a total of 21,175 km2 could be potentially claimed as CFR rights area by 12,516 villages, and in Maharashtra 50,264 km2 could be claimed by 17,256 villages.

Thus, across these 4 states, ~60,000 villages could potentially claim CFR rights under the FRA over an area of at least ~1,83,000 km2. This will potentially benefit the livelihoods of a total of ~6.26 crore people, including ~2.36 crore people belonging to Scheduled Tribes and ~0.66 crore people belonging to Scheduled Castes (as per Census 2011).

The full report can be downloaded from here (in high resolution format from here)

Citation: Lele S., Khare A. & Mokashi S. (2020). Estimating and mapping CFR potential for Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand and Maharashtra. Centre for Environment & Development, ATREE, Bengaluru.

State-wise tabular data on Villages with CFR Potential are given below
Maharashtra CFR Potential
Madhya Pradesh CFR Potential
Chhattisgarh CFR Potential
Jharkhand CFR Potential